Companies have adopted technology due to the competitive edge it provides. This is a two edged sword though, as the same tool that gives you the competitive edge makes it harder for you to remain competitive should it fail, as all your competitors are now moving at a faster pace. With IT systems, its is never a question of IF failure will occur but WHEN failure will occur. Securing on premise infrastructure is a costly and operational nightmare requiring enterprises to maintain costly duplicate recovery sites for the infrastructure together with all the associated maintenance costs required for the same. This is where Node Africa comes in. We believe it’s our job to handle the chaos and complexity of the DR and let the company focus on it’s core business, after all, a DR site has never given a company a competitive edge, what gives a company a competitive edge is the lack of downtime in it’s IT infrastructure. We are committed to giving this outcome to companies.

Node Africa provides on demand compute resources to allow for application recovery on demand. These are provided on a leasing model with no expensive capital expenditure nor the need to maintain expensive recovery sites. You pay for what you consume, as should always be the case.

Key Benefits


Node Africa leases the compute and storage resources to you and they are available instantly on demand.

Connectivity Included

1Gbps network connectivity to the public Internet with no extra data transfer charges

24/7 support

Certified team of experts available 24/7 for your needs.

In country hosting

Low latency with affordable private network connection options available like MPLS

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Why Node Africa

Node Africa is not just an infrastructure provider but a partner. Node Africa over time built a reputation for a customer first focus, bleeding edge technology and reliability.

We make it our headache figuring out how to stabilize the latest technology so that our customers can focus on changing the world.

We have radical customer support engineers who make it their business to ensure that customers are served, whenever an issue arises. We also realize that in our business, it’s more important for an issue never to arise, so we also have engineers whose sole purpose it is to ensure that our infrastructure is increasingly resilient to the various challenges that we encounter on a daily basis along with a commitment to longer term learning that ensures that our infrastructure gets better with all incidences that we experience, so that the general trend of the evolution is towards more resilient infrastructure.

Node Africa

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