Increasing customer choice, announcing Hyper-V support

Node Africa is quickly emerging as a leader in the Disaster Recovery as a Service space in Kenya. We are partners with Veeam, whose core focus is ensuring availability for the enterprise, regardless of the virtualization platform.

For a while, we’ve been able to provide storage to Microsoft Hyper-V customers, but that was an incomplete product as the customers would not be able to run their workloads in the event of an outage.

Today, I’m proud to announce that Node Africa is now running some infrastructure on Microsoft’s Hyper-V. This allows our customers who have chosen Microsoft as their Datacenter Operating System to use Node Africa as a second availability zone.

This service will be complimented by Veaam’s availability suite, which we will be using to replicate data from our customers infrastructure to our platform. Veeam is the leading availability software provider for private and hybrid clouds.

Offering and supporting Hyper-V is a key focus of our enterprise strategy, as we are now working to offer support for System Center and Microsoft’s Azure Pack. This is primarily because we noticed that Hyper-V customers are interested in the entire Microsoft stack and interoperability with both our infrastructure and Microsoft’s Azure network will be a big deal for them. We will be announcing availability dates in the next few months.

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Given our experience securing and managing enterprise infrastructure, we’ve learnt that we can’t dictate to our customers what works for them, our customers know best what works. We adapt. This means in some cases we’ll be working with our VMware infrastructure, or our Hyper-V infrastructure. We simply offer you choice, we extend what works best for you and all our services come backed with the best support and highest SLA’s. We know how to build secure, reliable infrastructure.

Our Microsoft skills at Node Africa go back 17 years, when one of our founders, Brian, was deploying one of the first Active Directory platform’s with roaming profiles in the country. Our team at Node Africa has collectively deployed ten’s of Microsoft Exchange clusters, hundreds of Windows Servers and Hyper-V hosts in the last few years. Your data is in safe hands, experienced hands.

We hope to continue ensuring that companies can focus on their core business and let us run their infrastructure and optimize their IT. We are proud to be partners with Microsoft and are glad to have Microsoft technology on Node Africa infrastructure.


For more about this service, send us an email at [email protected]

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