About Node Africa

Node Africa is the latest entrant in the cloud and infrastructure space in Kenya.

We believe that Africa will be the ‘Cloud First’ continent

Our team has years of experience running critical systems in Kenya and Africa as a whole. We know what it means to design highly available systems with nominal or no downtime. Our expertise also lies in building highly secure systems to safeguard from any types of breeches, both within and without the organization.

We Solve Your Problems
Node Africa is the perfect partner to bring cloud computing to the country —not just any cloud, but one that addresses their unique challenges. Our approach is not about public, private or hybrid clouds, or even “the cloud,” it is about bespoke cloud infrastructure—each enterprise’s unique journey to deploy a cloud model that is appropriate for their business needs, regardless of provider.

Consulting and Support

Node Africa’s team includes consulting, design, build, deploy of complex cloud based solutions. We help organizations recoup their costs on their IT infrastructure, increase agility whilst mitigating the risk that comes with IT infrastructure. Our team has industry leading expertise when it comes to helping customers execute on their vision. We will maintain, monitor and run your infrastructure with nominal input from your team, allowing your business to focus on what it wants from IT, data.

2 Replies to “About Node Africa”

  1. Omar Ahmed

    Will you be providing retail VPS (Virtual Machine) Solutions on retail ? I am looking for one

    1. Kenneth Kibui

      Hi Omar,

      Yes we do provide retail VPS. Our sales representatives will contact you shortly.

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